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“Germany, huh? So you’re Nazis” “No, we’re not Nazis. We’re communists. Ja, free communists.” This tongue-in-cheek exchange between two friends, Tom and Veit, and the American immigration officer in New York characterizes the humor and events explored in Markus Goller’s … Continue reading

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Der Rat der Götter (The Council of the Gods)

Der Rat der Götter (Council of the Gods) is a film set in East Germany during World War II and is based on the testimonies from the Nuremberg Trials. The film attempts to reveal the secret plotting of war with … Continue reading

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Directed by Christian Petzold, Jerichow (2008) is a dark yet intriguing portrayal of a young German soldier’s struggle to cope with life after his mother’s death. At the beginning of the film, the young soldier Thomas (Benno Furmann) is unemployed … Continue reading

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Homesickness by Ingo Cesaro they gather in waiting rooms and on train platforms like migratory birds in autumn loudly gesticulating as the great journey were about to begin they embrace when the long distance express leaves the station without them … Continue reading

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In Lamerica (1994), Gianni Amelio challenges cultural and national essentialism by dismantling the imagined border that separates Italian identity from Albanian identity. The film is set in year 1991, where post-communist Albania is in poverty and thousands of Albanians are … Continue reading

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The Kite Runner

Based on the novel written by Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner beautifully illustrates the Islamic traditions and class customs of Afghanistan along with emphasizing the cultural conflict which can occur when Middle Eastern immigrants migrate to the Western World. Through … Continue reading

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Sleep Dealer

The film Sleep Dealer wonderfully accentuates and mirrors labor realities taking place near the Mexican-American border. The futuristic sense of the film shows the possibilities of how maquilladora labor can be exploited. The journey of the main character to the … Continue reading

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The balanced portrayal of events in living memory is nearly guaranteed to be a sensitive subject, and Invictus’ subject matter is rather prickly to begin with. The events leading up to immediately post-apartheid South Africa’s 1995 triumph in the Rugby … Continue reading

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Controversy Surrounding Re-naming Gröbenufer, May Ayim Ufer

In 2007, the Green Party proposed the renaming of the street Gröbenufer in Berlin-Kreuzberg as May Ayim Ufer. Gröbenufer was originally named after Friedrich von der Gröben (1657-1728) in 1895. Gröben is responsible for founding the Großfriedrichsburg fort in present-day … Continue reading

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Debate on Feminism and Islam

In a recent election in Switzerland, most citizens voted to ban the construction of minarets. Among those who voted for the ban were many Swiss feminists. Claudia Pinl asks whether it is fair to label the fears Western feminists have … Continue reading

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Omulaule heißt Schwarz (Omulaule means black)

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Extra-Schulklassen für deutsche Kinder

In an initiative to attract more German native speakers, next year Gustav-Falke Elementary school will offer a special class in which at least half of the students must be native speakers of German and the other students must have excellent … Continue reading

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