Wir sind jung. Wir sind stark (We Are Young. We Are Strong)

With actors Devid Striesow and Jonas Nay.

Director Burhan Qurbani’s drama presents a fictionalized version of the events of the 1992 Rostock-Lichtenhagen riots, in which xenophobic mobs attacked migrant living quarters while thousands of onlookers cheered them. The film’s nuanced characterizations present a complex picture of the participants in the riots, illustrating how the moral fabric of society can break down.

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Genre(s): Drama, Historical

About Kumars Salehi

Kumars Salehi is a PhD student in German Literature and Culture. Broadly, he is interested in the relationships between media (primarily film, but also news media) and political consciousness. His research interests include Marxism; the Frankfurt School; German Idealism; and German and Scandinavian modernist/art cinema.
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