Zwischen Welten (Inbetween Worlds)

With actors Ronald Zehrfeld and Mohamad Mohsen.

Ronald Zehrfeld and Mohamad Mohsen star as Jesper, a German soldier in Afghanistan, and his interpreter Tarik, whose friendship is tested by the bitter realities of the conflict in Afghanistan and by the demands of their respective cultures. When Tarik’s sister is threatened, Jesper is caught between his duties as an occupier and his burgeoning connection with the humanity of the occupied.

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Genre(s): Drama, War

About Kumars Salehi

Kumars Salehi is a PhD student in German Literature and Culture. Broadly, he is interested in the relationships between media (primarily film, but also news media) and political consciousness. His research interests include Marxism; the Frankfurt School; German Idealism; and German and Scandinavian modernist/art cinema.
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