Happy Birthday, Turk! Translated by Anselm Hollo

This entertaining, fast-paced mystery features private investigator Kemal Kayankaya, a German citizen of Turkish origin. Ahmed Hamul is murdered in Frankfurt’s red light district. His wife wants to know why, so she hires Kayankaya. During his investigation, we glimpse the discrimination faced by foreigners in today’s Germany. Though born in Turkey, Kayankaya was adopted by a German couple, is largely unfamiliar with Turkish life and customs, and speaks only German. Nevertheless, by virtue of his name and appearance, he comes into his share of abuse. He doesn’t seem to benefit from his experience, however, forever sowing what he reaps. He thinks of two Oriental men, for example, as “slit-eyed Minoltas” and refers to an overweight woman as “Madam Hulk.” Something is no doubt lost in the translation, but the spirit is presumably the same. This enjoyable book exposes Americans to a slice of German culture they might not otherwise see.

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