Abschied von Gestern (Yesterday Girl)

With actors Hans Brammer and Ursula Dirichs

Anita G. is a young East German woman who comes to West Germany in hopes of a better life. With no real home and no job, she gets into trouble with the law when she steals and is sent to prison. After her sentence, she has difficulty adjusting to life in a new society. Her probation officer tries to help her, but Anita fails in every job, continues to lie and steal, and becomes a wandering gypsy. She then falls in love with a civil servant and feels a sense of security with him, until she is recognized on the street one day by a woman she betrayed. The woman forces Anita to admit her guilt. Eventually her relationship to the civil servant becomes a burden to him. Anita becomes pregnant, but is cast away by her married lover. Although he likes her, he realizes that he cannot really help her. Homeless and unable to deal with it all, she voluntarily goes to prison to find a shelter to have her baby. (Summary from german-cinema.de)

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Genre(s): Action or Adventure; Drama, Melodrama;
Theme(s): Migration and Mobility; Spatial or Temporal Spaces and Borders;

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