Anam – Meine Mutter (My Mother)


With actors Nursel Köse and Saskia Vester.

Anam is a 40-year-old traditional Turkish wife and mother who lives with her family in Germany, where she works as a cleaning lady. When Anam finds out that her 20-year-old son Deniz has drifted into the drug scene and that her husband Mehmet is having an affair with a colleague, her whole world collapses around her.

Although desperate, she is determined to fight and goes to look for Deniz. Instead, she finds his girlfriend Mandy who is also a drug addict. She decides to take care of the girl who is a stranger to her and finds herself confronted with an entirely unknown world. When she finally manages to track Deniz down to the cold-blooded dealer Hassain, she is rejected by him. Anam is forced to realize that, painful as it is, she can only help Deniz if he is prepared to accept her help. When Mandy dies trying to reconcile mother and son, Anam is determined to do everything she can to get her son out of the clutches of the dealer. However, now it really is a matter of life or death. Anam is a brilliant portrait of a strong-willed mother who fights for her family and who manages to free herself of cultural restraints far away from her native country.

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