Berlin in Berlin

With actors Hülya Avsar and Cem Özer

There is an ancient arab custom that a guest in one’s household must be treated with dignity and respect. If the guest has been given the signs of being a guest (food, etc.) – no matter how inadvertently – then, even if he is an enemy who will be killed outside the home, as long as he is a guest, he must be treated with every courtesy. The custom does come with a time limit, however. That is precisely what happens to a hapless German voyeur, who gets into trouble while secretly photographing a beautiful Turkish resident in Berlin. The woman’s husband is accidentally killed by the photographer, and her brother-in-law chases after him. He flees into the Turkish quarter and hides in an apartment where, unknowing, the residents offer him hospitality. It turns out that this is the apartment of the very family he has inadvertently wronged, and it is in his interest to remain there as long as possible, because the minute he sets foot outside the door, the entire family will engage him in battle.

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Keywords: Turkish diaspora in Germany, guestworkers, Imprisonment, assimilation, intercultural encounters, immigrant women

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