Black Dju

With actors Philippe Leotard, Richard Courcet, Patrice-Flora Praxo, Cesaria Evora

From the sea and sun of the Cape Verde Island, it’s a very big step to rainy, gloomy, land-locked Luxembourg, but that’s the journey 20-year-old Dju Dele Dibonga must take to track down his dad, whose yearly visits and monthly guest worker checks have stopped. But it’s not just the weather that’s not welcoming, Dju also has to face overzealous immigration cops intent on filling deportation quotas and the noisy outrage of a hard-boozing police lieutenant (veteran actor Philippe Léotard). Dad’s trail looks cold, until lieutenant decides to join in the hunt and to become Dju’s partner in this tale of love and friendship. With the exceptional participation of Cape Verdian singer Cesaria Evora as Dju’s mother and Manu Dibango as himself.

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Genre(s): Drama, Melodrama;

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