Deutsche Polizisten (German Cops)

This documentary about “immigrant” police officers, comes from a German-Turk Berliner herself. She follows police actions in the heavily Turkish (dominant among many immigrant groups) districts of Kreuzberg and Neukölln. These are both home to now-third generation German Turks, Yugoslavs and others. But these “foreigners” started to inhabit this area of the former West Berlin over 40 years ago, and have in fact made it their home. In the 5th brigade, there two policemen of Turkish origin in addition to three other “of foreign origin.” Here, in these two districts, at once the most crime ridden and also the most immigrant inhabited, the “foreign” officers not only face the obvious challenges, but must also balance the many cultural and ethnic conflicts. The film shows that their usual police duties may be easier than the constant battle they face against being a “foreigner” and a “traitor” to some, and the local, neighborhood law enforcers to others.

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