Drachenfutter (Dragon Chow)

With actors Frank Oladeinde, Bhasker Patel, Youngme Song
available on VHS with English subtitles in USA

In Hamburg, always within reach of government officials, immigrants try to make their way. Shezad, a Pakistani in his early 20s, lives in a small hotel run by the shady Herder. The hotel is a virtual United Nations. Shezad tries to help an older friend, Rashid, with his amnesty claim. When it fails, Herder offers to smuggle Rashid into the US for a large fee. Herder also gets Shezad a job in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant, where he befriends Xiao, a waiter. Xiao wants to open his own restaurant; they save enough to do so, mostly through Shezad’s boldness. Because Shezad is the better cook, they serve Pakistani food. Through friendship, is economic success at hand?

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