Geschwister (Kardesler)

With actors Bilge Bingül, Bülent Akil
available on VHS in Germany

Erol, Ahmed and Leyla live at home with their Turkish father and German mother. While Ahmed and Leyla have become German citizens, Erol chose Turkish citizenship. Twenty years old and the eldest of the three, Erol dropped out of school years ago and now spends his days aimlessly. Unable to get his life together, he has fallen into debt and gets by with some small-time wheeling and dealing. Ahmed, 19, is about to graduate from high school. Unlike Erol, he tries to distance himself from his Turkish background. This causes conflict with Erol for whom Ahmed has deep affection despite their differences. Leyla is 17. She is the youngest of the siblings and keeps her distance from her brothers. She has just begun an apprentice-ship and tries to escape the confinement of her family. The film begins on the morning Erol receives his draft notice from the Turkish army and ends a few weeks later when he sets off for Turkey.

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