Kleine Freiheit (A Little Bit of Freedom)

Produced by Ralph E. Cotta
With actors Cagdas Bozkurt, Necmettin Cobanoglu, Leroy Delmar, Sunay Girisken
available on DVD in Germany

Denied political asylum after leaving his native Turkey, a Kurdish teen named Baran (Cagdas Bozkurt) lands a job as a kebab delivery boy in Germany while attempting to elude the authorities and striking up a friendship with another outsider who can sympathize with his struggle. Baran is always one step ahead of the law, but always being on the run means having precious little time to make new friends. Though he does his best to maintain a low profile, Baran soon begins to draw more attention thanks to his shady new friend, and his relationship with the boss’ daughter.

Links: IMDB, Film Portal, German-Films.de
Genre(s): Drama, Melodrama;
Theme(s): Alcohol or Drugs; Ethnicity; Migration and Mobility;
Keywords: coming of age, Kurdistan, diaspora, immigration

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