Produced by Irene Von Alberti
With actors Isaach DeBankole, Eva Mattes, Hanno Friedrich, Barnaby Metschurat
Available on DVD in Germany and the US

In August 1989, this case stirred the population of an entire city. A west African applicant for asylum had his ticket checked during a tram journey in Stuttgart and took flight. When an attempt was made to arrest Frederic Otomo a few hours later, he stabbed two policemen to death and was himself shot.

Based on a largely fictitious screenplay, the film tells the story of what might have happened that day and of how such a catastrophe could come about. The description of a situation in Germany, told in a realistic, exciting and very emotional way. The title role is played by Isaach de Bankolé (Night on Earth, Chocolat, Ghost Dog). Eva Mattes (Wildwechsel, Celeste) plays a woman hoping to help him escape.

Links: IMDB, Film Portal, German-Films.de
Genre(s): Drama, Melodrama;
Theme(s): Ethnicity; Migration and Mobility; Spatial or Temporal Spaces and Borders;

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