Stadt der verlorenen Seelen (City of Lost Souls)

With actors Wayne County, Manfred Finger, Judith Flex, Helga Goetze, Gerhard Helle

City of Lost Souls is the latest work by cult director Rosa von Praunheim, known for his radical, controversial films that usually challenge both nongay and gay audiences. A group of Americans live in the midst of the lively artists’ set in Berlin. Angie Stardust, a black dancer from Harlem who once worked in drag clubs has gone into business for herself, opening a restaurant, “The Hamburger Queen,” where a mixed bunch of unusual characters hang out. Gary is a dancer who is in love with magic. Tara O’Hara, a former male nurse, is proud of his androgynous charms–charms he shows off in an enticing striptease. Joaquin La Habana performs as both a man and a woman at the same time. And then there is Judith and Tron performing a wild, erotic trapeze act and Lia, from the south, who meets an East German agent who succeeds in making her East Germany’s most famous rock star. Essentially a form of cabaret, the film moves from the sentimental through the witty and erotic. The players know their job, the camera work is inventive, and the music is great.

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