German Terrorist Trial

Germany’s first terrorist-trial is coming to an end, presenting a very appropriate and provoking connection to the question of multi-culturality in Germany today and in the past. The members of the self-entitled “Sauerland Cell” terrorist group are German, German-Turkish, and Turkish, a fact very specifically stated in the article, published 2/2/2010 by the Deutsche Welle. What does it mean for Germany, a nation so very involved and concerned with the ethnicities and cultures present in the country, that some of its own people, and some of those seen as “Ausländer”, would turn on the nation in this way?

This article and occurrence in Germany raises the issue of the assumed commitment and patriotism a German national has to his/her country, and trust and attitude the entirety of Germany has to have with regards to people of different cultural backgrounds than themselves. Although the majority of the members of the Sauerland Cell were not full German, this is not a basis upon which to now become biased against all “Ausländer” although I do see this as taking on the potential for more caution towards those of foreign-birth by individuals already predisposed towards such a mentality.

Prosecutors prepare closing arguments in major German terrorist trial

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