Berliners fight anti-Semitism among Muslims

The growing diversity in Germany hasn’t meant complete acceptance of these foreign peoples into German society, but in a gross corruption of acceptance and tolerance, there is to be found a number of Muslims who hold anti-Semitic sentiments. Anti-Semitism is an extremely sensitive topic in Germany, and most Germans today view anti-Semitism as wrong. While most “ethnic” Germans choose not to bring up the topic, a number of young Muslims do, blaming the Jews on both recent events and political concerns between Israel and other Middle-East states, such as the continuing Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Gaza Strip Conflict just a year ago.

According to the article, the root of this anti-Semitism comes from over-identification with the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and is voiced most by a younger population. However, there are many movements in Germany and particularly Berlin to curb the rise of this trend by groups who seek to educate the Muslim population about Jews and try to build tolerance. Even though this kind of anti-Semitism can also be found in other countries in the EU, this particular problem is unique, as it is in a country where the topic of anti-Semitism is highly taboo, yet the younger Muslim population still harbors these kinds of feelings.

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