Controversy Surrounding Re-naming Gröbenufer, May Ayim Ufer

In 2007, the Green Party proposed the renaming of the street Gröbenufer in Berlin-Kreuzberg as May Ayim Ufer. Gröbenufer was originally named after Friedrich von der Gröben (1657-1728) in 1895. Gröben is responsible for founding the Großfriedrichsburg fort in present-day Ghana. From that fort, over 30,000 African slaves were shipped to Europe and the Caribbean. May Ayim was an Afro-German poet, activist, educator and Kreuzberg resident. Ayim, whose father was Ghanian and mother was German, became a well-known advocate for women’s rights and the Afro-German movement. Some of her most famous texts include Blues in Schwarz Weiss and Farbe Bekennen. With the renaming ceremony quickly approaching, a controversial debate has ensued involving critics such as Götz Aly. Links to articles and comments on this topic can be found below:

Gröbenufer wird zu May-Ayim-Ufer (Neues Deutschland)
Straßenschänder in Kreuzberg
Gröblicher Rufmord an von der Gröben
Der schwarze Blog

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