Kein Marsch durch Dresden

Every year in Dresden, on the anniversary of the Allied bombing of the city, there have been Neo-Nazi gathers held to attempt to show the injustice of culpability for the atrocities of World War II.  This year however, to speak against intolerance, Dresden responded with a counter protest that kept the Neo-Nazis from their intended march through the city.  The article, but perhaps much more so the attached video clip, are interesting because both show the gradual coming to terms with history, or the blatant inability to do so, and show how tolerance is an overarching (though not universal) goal of Germany.

Particularly poignant was the short interview with Josef Salomonowic, a Czech Jew who’s life was spared largely due to the bombing.

It’s an interesting story about how there are still torn, reactionary factions within Germany and the slightly terrifying scale in which they still operate.

See video here and read both articles here and here.

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