German authorities arrest suspected Islamist fundraisers

German police arrested two men, and one woman for allegedly sending money to the Islamic Jihad Union. The Jihad Union is suspected of planning to carry out terrorist attacks on various German targets. One man, and the women were arrested in the southern city of Ulm having sent $3620 to the Union, while the other man, who allegedly sent $1400, was arrested boarding a train in Vienna

This Article is particularly interesting amid the rising racial, and xenophobic tensions in Germany. Many native Germans do not like the Muslim immigrant population, and as a result sometimes carry out attacks against them, or join hate groups. The people who were arrested were all German citizens, and when xenophobic people see they all had citizenship, it will only serve to confirm their fears that Germany should remain a “Pure” population. Hate groups will thereby be able to use this event as propaganda to disseminate their views. People will likely ask how the accused could have received citizenship in the first place, and it will sway them to have stricter views regarding acquiring citizenship.

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