US-Turkey relations

This article summarizes the crucial role Turkey plays in a diverse set of important areas, seen form the US point of view.

“Given Turkey’s history as a secular democratic stat that respects the rule of             law, but is also a majority Muslim nation, it plays a critical role…in helping to             shape mutual understanding and stability and peace not only in its             neighborhood but around the world.

Turkey’s strength are its borders, its strategic, economic, and cultural links and it’s influence in such vital concerns of both the US and Turkey as the stability of the Middle East and relations with the broader Islamic world, relations with the Caucasus and Black Sea region, the transit of energy from the Caspian Basin to Europe, the security and development of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan , and the maintenance of strong ties to Europe and the Trans-Atlantic alliance.

After reading this article I wondered is it only the US that sees Turkey as such an important player? Why isn’t the EU looking at Turkey through US’ eyes?

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