Fast jedes vierte Kind in Tageseinrichtungen mit Migrationshintergrund

The article “Fast jedes vierte Kind in Tageseinrichtungen mit Migrationshintergrund” is a quick overview of the rising percentage of children in Bavaria that have at least one non-German parent. The account reports that 24.8% of children attending preschool in the state of Bavaria have migrant roots.

The statistics presented in this article should not, however, be taken as a glimpse of the typical Bavarian town, as children with migrant backgrounds are overrepresented in big cities such as Nuremberg, Munich and Augsburg, and underrepresented in smaller towns. Whereas in the bigger cities nearly one out of every two children has roots in countries that are not Germany, smaller towns tend to have significantly lower numbers. This fact shows that although Germany is an increasingly diverse nation, diversity tends to cluster in the industrial capitals of the nation and that those living in smaller regional towns have little contact and exposure to those of differing backgrounds in comparison to their counterparts in the country’s metropolises.

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