Germany’s Favorite Fast Food – Kebab!

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This article examined the Turkish-German industry of Kebab and fast food in Germany. The article mostly concentrated on the enormous profits that Turkish food and Kebabs offer the German economy.  Stating that the Kebab industry may be worth 2.5 billion Euros, but had never been honored with its own convention until now.

The cultural intersection between Germans and Turks is blatantly on display here.  Germans have embraced Shawarma, Kebab, and Turkish foods, and have made it acceptable to not only enjoy, but profit from the sale of them.  The development of a Kebab slicing robot is indeed an intersection and collaboration of cultures.  As the chairperson of the Association of Turkish Döner Manufacturers said, “The producers are almost all family businesses. They’re almost entirely focused on production, sales and just working — day after day. They are so busy doing this that not much thought has gone into looking at the big picture. Until now.”

Perhaps the new developments of a meat slicing robot will be embraced by these family businesses. Or perhaps, the meat slicing robot will allow competitors to enter the marketplace and displace the usual kebab chef.  I believe that both the new robot, and the convention will help Turkish vendors.  When people try a diverse cultural food, they want something that is genuine. The chairperson acknowledges “a master döner-meat cutter would outperform the robot in terms of quality.”

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