Germany and Britain give strong backing to Iran sanctions

This article discusses German chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to support stronger sanctions against Iran regarding their nuclear program. Merkal along with British prime minster Gordon Brown met in England, and they both agreed that stronger sanctions against Iran were necessary in order to curb the nation’s nuclear aspirations. They hope this decision will spur other nations to be proactive in stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.
This decision is an extremely significant one, and demonstrates that both Britain and Germany are committed to a nuclear free Iran. By supporting tougher sanctions against Iran it will make it more difficult for the country to develop weapons of mass destruction. When major countries such as Germany and Britain make it a priority for Iran to cease it nuclear program, it makes it easier for other nations to follow suit. Encouraging stricter sanctions is a good first step, but both these nations must realize the threat a nuclear Iran would pose to the world. They must not only encourage these sanctions, but do all in their power to implement them, in order to ensure that Iran is unable to ever obtain nuclear weapons. In my opinion, this is an issue of global importance that cannot be overlooked by any of the world’s superpowers.

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