Mehr ausländische Arbeitnehmer mit akademischem Abschluss

The article “Mehr ausländische Arbeitnehmer mit akademischem Abschluss” details the recent rise of more highly qualified workers from non-German families within the Federal Republic. In the state of Baden-Württemberg the percentage of non-German employees with vocational training has increased from 37 to 42 percent in the past decade. Similarly the number of migrant employees with degrees from institutes of higher knowledge has more than doubled, from 3 to 7 percent.

This article shows that the lot for nonnative Germans has begun to increase, however slowly, throughout recent years. Although seven percent is a small percentage, the fact that this number has doubled from three percent only ten years before shows that great strides are being made. It goes without saying that equality has not been achieved, and it will not be for quite some time, but improvements in the educational levels of foreigners is an important step in creating a more equitable and harmonious nation.

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