Bayern-SPD fordert deutsch-tschechische Universität

The article “Bayern-SPD fordert deutsch-tschechische Universität” details the Bavarian SPD’s call for the establishment of a transnational technical university that would serve students of the neighboring nations of Germany and the Czech Republic. The university would be located in eastern Bavaria near the Bavarian-Czech border, and would be modeled after the German-Polish Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt an der Oder.

The establishment of such a university would show Germany’s commitment to fostering better relations with former Eastern Bloc nations, and the continuation of an improved foreign policy in general. The school would hope to create students who would be in a position to serve both communities, especially in the flailing automobile industry and the energy industry. Transnational cooperation would be a benefit to the two nations, and would help to bring the two former opponents during the Cold War and World War Two into better relations.

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