Afro-German Halle Politician Likely to Win Bundestag Seat

When the new Bundestag elections are held in September, Dr. Karamba Diaby may become the first black member of the Bundestag in German history.  Diaby was born in Senegal and immigrated to the GDR in 1985; he became a German citizen in 2001.

“Nun, 2013, ist er Direktkandidat für die SPD im Wahlkreis 72: Halle, Kabelsketal, Landsberg, Petersberg. Noch wichtiger ist sein Listenplatz: Rang drei in Sachsen-Anhalt. Der Einzug ins Parlament ist damit so gut wie sicher.” – Zeit: “Gerade hier” (May 2, 2013)

New York Times: “German From Senegal Vies to Break Barrier” (June 1, 2013)

Diaby’s campaign website


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