Spiegel Article on Everyday Racism in Germany, Prompted by Asylum Debates

In the curent issue of der Spiegel (Sept. 16, 2013), 15 people of foreign descent are interviewed about their daily experiences with racism in Germany.

The full text of the article is available in English. 

A partial preview with photographs is available in German.

The article was prompted by recent debates over the issue of asylum in Germany, instigated by protests against the construction of a new housing unit for asylum seekers in the district of Berlin-Hellersdorf. A series of Spiegel articles illustrates this development:

Streit um Asylbewerberheim in Berlin: Der überforderte Kiez (13.7.13)

Streit über Asylbewerberheim in Berlin: “Haut ab!” (21.08.2013)

Streit über Asylbewerberheim: Die Ausländerfeinde von Berlin (21.08.2013)

Asylbewerbeheim in Berlin: Anfang mit Schrecken (16.09. 203)

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