Immigrant Students and Foreign Students in Germany

In some urban part of Germany, the proportion of students with migration backgrounds is up to 90 percent. However, few of them will achieve college degree so that they are less confident compared with native German students. The project “Dialog macht Schule” founded by Gründern Hassan Asfour and Siamak Ahmadi aims to change such situation.

Starting with students from the 7th class, the project sends educated dialogue facilitators to students from educationally and socially disadvantaged migration families. Through the use of role plays, practical exercise, media and talk shows, the dialogue facilitators help students to become more confident over a period of two to three years. So far, the result of the project is positive as the dialogue facilitators could quickly build up reliable and beneficial relationship with these students.

Comparing to students with immigration backgrounds, foreign students who study in Germany are successful in the labor market. According to two studies by das Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln, about 44 percent of foreign students who obtained degrees between 2001 and 2010 still lived in Germany in 2014.

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