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Erdogan urges German Turks not to integrate

This article is very interesting because the Turkish government, and particularly the Turkish prime minister urged Turks living in foreign countries not to integrate. He was also quoted as saying assimilation was a “crime against humanity” during a speech in … Continue reading

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Germany’s Turks don’t need Papa Erdoğan or Mutti Merkel

This article is interesting because it touches upon the fact that both the German and Turkish governments argue about how to best serve the Turkish immigrants in Germany without really knowing exactly what that entails because both sides are so … Continue reading

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Brothers Keepers’ Song “Triple Rois”

The song “Triple Rois” (Drei Koenige/Three Kings) contains the voices of three distinct cultures speaking from three distinct vantage points, yet all sharing the same message. This song speaks mainly to the disenfranchisement and alienation felt by those who do … Continue reading

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Kebab-Cutting Robot Stars In Germany’s First Döner Trade Fair

This article illustrates the growing popularity of turkish food and culture in Germany, detailing the increased appreciation for kebabs by Germans. It is a light-hearted example of some of the perks of being a multikulti society, and I think a … Continue reading

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It Makes No Sense to Ban the Burqa

This article is about the purported banning of the burqua and niqab in Belgium, following France’s lead in proposing legislation that would outlaw the wearing of these religious garments in the public sphere. The author of this article does raise … Continue reading

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Politiken Corrects Danish Paper Settles Muhammad Cartoon Issue

This article deals with the continued tension between certain Muslim groups and the Danish press, and in particular the newspaper Politiken that re-published a caricature of the prophet Muhammad that originally appeared in the Dutch paper Jyllands-Posten. After much public … Continue reading

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Leading conservative calls for more immigrant naturalisation

In this article it is suggested that a more successful integration can be achieved if Germany worked harder at naturalizing members of its large immigrant population. In this way a more inclusive environment could perhaps open up a discourse to … Continue reading

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Right-Wing Extremism: Far-right party allowed to distribute CDs to students

I included this article because upon first reading I found it surprising that such far-right ideology was still being exposed in Germany. Given its history over the last 80 or so years i would have thought such extremist rhetoric would … Continue reading

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Far-Right Rhetoric Germany’s Very Own Minaret Debate Turns Nasty

This article speaks to the recent debate over the building of minarets on mosques in many countries within the European Union. It is another instance of contention over the perceived “Islamicization” of Europe through the increased visibility of Islam in … Continue reading

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‘We Are Not Really Germans’ New Study Looks at Challenges Faced by Germany’s Muslims

This article speaks to the many difficulties Muslim immigrants living in Germany face with regard to finding work and participating in the public sphere. These issues not only effect new immigrants but also second and third generation children of foreign … Continue reading

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