“New Germany” Exhibition at Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden

“NPD’s Racist Election Campaign Flops”

“Nur nicht auffallen” von Claudia Keller, Der Tagesspiegel, 1.2.2010

“Still Alive: Memory of Economic Contribution of the Korean Guest Workers” by Jung Woo Park

“Tear Down This Wall!”: Internet Art Circumventing Censorship and Unveiling Secret Prisons

“Auslaender sollen unsere alten Leute pflegen” (“Foreigners should tend to our old people”)

“Border Trouble: Europe’s New Wall.” The Spiegel Online International. 4/6/2006. . 01/30/2010.

“Ich bin Diskursfeind”: Zafer Şenocak on Unreadable Archives

“Jetzt haengt Deutschland drin” (“Now Germany is in the midst of things”)

“Mediterranean Drama: Hundreds Feared Dead After Immigrant Boats Sink Near Libya.” The Speigel Online International. 03/31/2009. . 01/30/2010.

“No” to dual citizenship

“Sarrazin vergrault tuerkische Waehler” (Sarrazin Scares Away Turkish Voters)

“Six-Month Limits: EU Reaches Deal on Detaining Illegal Immigrants.” The Spiegel Online International. 4/25/2008. 01/30/2010.

“Tuerkei will mit Merkel ueber Visa reden” (“Turkey wants to talk with chancellor Merkel about visa”)

„Wulff holt türkischstämmige Ministerin ins Kabinett“

20 Years After the Wall

2008 Susan Sontag Prize for Translation

2010 Kudos!

50th Anniversary Conference

A Difficult Friendship with Obama: A Wall Separates Merkel and the Land of Her Dreams