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Too Left for Germany

Jannine Menger Hamilton is an immigrant who was raised and educated in Germany. Hamilton appears to be the star example of successful integration and yet she is being denied naturalization because she is a member of a leftist party which … Continue reading

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German authorities arrest suspected Islamist fundraisers

German police arrested two men, and one woman for allegedly sending money to the Islamic Jihad Union. The Jihad Union is suspected of planning to carry out terrorist attacks on various German targets. One man, and the women were arrested … Continue reading

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Leading conservative calls for more immigrant naturalisation

In this article it is suggested that a more successful integration can be achieved if Germany worked harder at naturalizing members of its large immigrant population. In this way a more inclusive environment could perhaps open up a discourse to … Continue reading

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Turks face integration challenges in Germany

This article focuses on the difficulty Turkish Germans have when trying to claim a German identity. It brings up problems in defining German identity, where one woman appears to have been well-integrated as a child — dressing like other German … Continue reading

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Right-Wing Extremism: Far-right party allowed to distribute CDs to students

I included this article because upon first reading I found it surprising that such far-right ideology was still being exposed in Germany. Given its history over the last 80 or so years i would have thought such extremist rhetoric would … Continue reading

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Far-Right Rhetoric Germany’s Very Own Minaret Debate Turns Nasty

This article speaks to the recent debate over the building of minarets on mosques in many countries within the European Union. It is another instance of contention over the perceived “Islamicization” of Europe through the increased visibility of Islam in … Continue reading

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Traurige Lieder – Söhne Mannheims

This song characterizes exactly how dramatic the racial tensions are within Germany.  Söhne Mannheims is a multiethnic band from Germany, made up of fourteen friends who have all been involved in the music scene and are actively involved in political … Continue reading

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Banning the ‘Burqa’: France’s Quest to maintain its Secular Identity

The article “Banning the ‘Burqa’: France’s Quest to maintain its Secular Identity” deals with the ban of the full veil. According to the article, a parliamentary committee has recommended full veils in France. This happened a few months after President … Continue reading

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Music Video “(Ich bin ein) Ausländer” by Alpa Gun

This music video “(Ich bin ein) Auslaender” by Alpa Gun, a German rapper with Turkish origin (www.wikipedia.org), depicts the integrations problem of immigrants, particularly the children and grandchildren of the Post-World War II generation. These people were often born in … Continue reading

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‘We Are Not Really Germans’ New Study Looks at Challenges Faced by Germany’s Muslims

This article speaks to the many difficulties Muslim immigrants living in Germany face with regard to finding work and participating in the public sphere. These issues not only effect new immigrants but also second and third generation children of foreign … Continue reading

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Fast jeder fünfte hat ausländische Wurzeln

The article “Fast jeder fünfte hat ausländische Wurzeln” is a quick glimpse into the current demographic statistics in Germany with a focus on citizens with foreign roots. The article highlights the recent growth in this sector of the population by … Continue reading

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Studie zu “Ehrenmorden”

Ein Bericht über eine Studie zu “Ehrenmorden”, die viel Aufmerksamkeit in der deutschen Presse finden, aber nicht unbedingt als solche bezeichnet werden sollten. Die Zeit: Was den Mord zum Ehrenmord macht

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Abstimmung über Minarettbau in der Schweiz

Die Schweizer haben sich gegen Minarette entschieden: Spiegel Online: Schweizer stimmen gegen Minarettbau Swiss Minaret Ban Reflects Fear of Islam, Not Real Problems Europas Rechte bejubeln Minarett-Verbot Erste Proteste gegen Schweiz: Islamische Welt entsetzt über Minarett-Verbot Gegenbewegung: Tausende Schweizer demonstrieren … Continue reading

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Fast jeder zweite der Deutsch-Türken und türkischstämmigen Migranten denkt über ein Leben in der Türkei nach. Doch viele fühlen sich weder ganz in Deutschland noch in der Türkei zu Hause. Weiteres hier: Spiegel Online: Wertewelten: Türken fühlen sich unerwünscht Die … Continue reading

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Türme der Angst: Minarette in der Schweiz

Vor der Moschee in Genf patrouilliert die Polizei. Kürzlich hat es einen Anschlag gegeben. Die Stimmung im Land ist gereizt: Die Schweiz stimmt über ein Bauverbot von Minaretten ab. Aber in Wirklichkeit geht es um mehr. Es ist ein Plebiszit … Continue reading

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Marwa S. – Prozess gegen Angeklagten

Neue Entwicklung im Fall Marwa S., der Angeklagte gesteht: Spiegel Online: Angeklagter im Marwa-Prozess gesteht

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Berlin’s Nefertiti Trouble

Spiegel Online: Egyptian Official Calls Museum Behavior ‘Suspicious’ October 20, 2009 Spiegel Online: Nefertiti Gets a New Palace: Revamped Neues Museum Finally Opens   in Berlin New York Times online: When Ancient Artifacts Become Political Pawns October 16, 2009 Amidst … Continue reading

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Post-War Black Children in Germany

Spiegel: The Difficult Identities of Post-War Black Children of GIs

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Debate about Sarrazin’s comments about Immigrants

Thilo Sarrazin’s controversial comments about Turkish Immigrants have led to a broader discussion about immigration and integration in Germany. Spiegel Online: Sarrazins türkenfeindliche Tiraden lösen Entsetzen aus Spiegel Online: Türken empören sich über Sarrazin Zeit: Zentralrat sieht Sarrazin in der … Continue reading

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Herta Müller wins Nobel Prize for Literature

Zeit: Herta Müller bekommt den Literaturnobelpreis Spiegel: Patriot of an Estranged Homeland Spiegel: Nobelpreis für das Drama ihres Lebens

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