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Film Rezension: “Gegen die Wand”

As part of their work in the Multicultural Germany undergraduate seminar at UC Berkeley, students in the course have reviewed recent German films relating in various ways to topics of migration, multiculturalism, and contemporary German identity. Julia Schroeder reviewed Fatih Akin’s 2004 … Continue reading

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“Gegen die Wand” Rezension von Julia Schroeder

Der Film “Gegen die Wand” von Fatih Akin ist eine dramatische und brutale Tragikomödie und gleichzeitig eine zärtliche Liebesgeschichte über zwei verzweifelte, leidenschaftliche Menschen, die sich nach ihrem Selbstmordversuch, (er fährt gegen die Wand und sie schneidet sich die Pulsadern … Continue reading

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“Gegen die Wand” Film Review by Inga Keller

Within an initially hyperbolic narrative, farfetched in its extreme situations, Gegen die Wand (Head-On) manages to insert many small insights into the Turkish community living in Germany, characterizing the difficulty immigrants have in defining themselves when they no longer feel … Continue reading

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Multicultural Germany Class: “The Bridge of the Golden Horn”

This post is part of a series in which students reflect on their discussions in the UC Berkeley undergraduate seminar “Multicultural Germany.” This week’s summary is by Teddy Lee:  The Bridge of the Golden Horn (original title: Die Brücke vom Goldenen Horn) by … Continue reading

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