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Fashion labels worn by Europe’s skinheads restore their reputation

Labels such as Fred Perry, Ben Sherman,Doc Marten and Lonsdale have long been recognized as the favored uniform of skinheads and neo-Nazis alike but recently this trend is fading. Because the German government has been enforcing stricter laws on symbolism … Continue reading

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Multiculturalism through the eyes of Anke

This sketch provides a bit of a comic relief in the midst of racist tensions of the topics brought up in the readings in “Germany in Transit”. Anke Engelke – a german comedian, plays a teacher, who is giving a … Continue reading

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Right-Wing Extremism: Far-right party allowed to distribute CDs to students

I included this article because upon first reading I found it surprising that such far-right ideology was still being exposed in Germany. Given its history over the last 80 or so years i would have thought such extremist rhetoric would … Continue reading

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Music Video “(Ich bin ein) Ausländer” by Alpa Gun

This music video “(Ich bin ein) Auslaender” by Alpa Gun, a German rapper with Turkish origin (www.wikipedia.org), depicts the integrations problem of immigrants, particularly the children and grandchildren of the Post-World War II generation. These people were often born in … Continue reading

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‘We Are Not Really Germans’ New Study Looks at Challenges Faced by Germany’s Muslims

This article speaks to the many difficulties Muslim immigrants living in Germany face with regard to finding work and participating in the public sphere. These issues not only effect new immigrants but also second and third generation children of foreign … Continue reading

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Was wir alleine nicht schaffen

About a year ago Xavier Naidoo’s song, “Was wir alleine nicht schaffen” (What We Can’t Do Alone) was posted on YouTube, since then over 400,000 people viewed the video and over 200 commented on it. Xavier Naidoo is a german … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom in Berliner Schools

Zeit Online: Religionsfreiheit siegt über neutralen Staat October 29, 2009 A recent decision in the Berlin-Wedding school district will allow a sixteen-year-old Muslim student to pray while at school. At the end of April 2009 a referendum was held to … Continue reading

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Kebab Connection

With actors Denis Moschitto, Nora Tschirner, Hasan Ali Mete, Cem Akin, Nursel Köse, Güven Kiraç Available on DVD in Germany and the US Links: IMDB, German-Films.de Genre(s): Comedy; Theme(s): Ethnicity; Spatial or Temporal Spaces and Borders Review by Sara Sellami: Kebab … Continue reading

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100 pour cent Arabica (100% Arabica)

Produced by Mahmoud Zemmouri With actors Khaled, Cheb Mami, Mouss, Najim Laouariga, Fard Fedjer, Youssef Diawara, Patrice Thibaud, Mohamed Camara available on DVD in the US and France Set in a rent-controlled Paris suburb populated entirely by North Africans, this … Continue reading

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