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  1. Kumars Salehi says:

    “Far-right politician converts to Islam, quits AfD party”
    Al Jazeera

    Those of us following German politics will be aware of a number of high-profile defections from the Alternative for Germany party in the wake of their formidable election result last September, which saw them enter the Bundestag as the largest opposition party with 94 seats and 13% of the vote. Of the defections, Arthur Wagner, an AfD representative from Brandenburg, is certainly the most curious, since he has not only stepped down from the anti-Islam party but actually converted to Islam!

    • Kumars Salehi says:

      Justin Huggler
      “Far-right AfD member converted to Islam in protest at acceptance of gay marriage in the church”
      The Telegraph

      A follow-up to this surprising story with a twist that may raise more questions than it answers: Alternative for Germany representative Arthur Wagner, who left the anti-Islam party and converted to Islam, left his Protestant church because of its acceptance of gay marriage (which is now legal in Germany). Not only that, but he shares that he had been considering converting since 2015 – years before he stopped campaigning for the AfD.

  2. Deniz Göktürk says:

    “CSU geht vor Sondierung auf Konfrontationskurs bei Migration”
    Süddeutsche Zeitung

    The year began without government, since the 2017 election had not yielded a clear winner.
    Migration continued to be the fulcrum of debates around the constitution of a coalition government. The Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU) in particular insisted on stricter border security and restriction of immigration.

    See also the position paper from the CSU party convention at Kloster Seeon January 4-6, 2018, where the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán was an invited speaker.
    “Vieles besser, statt alles gleich – für ein schlankes Europa der Stärke”

  3. Deniz Göktürk says:

    “Die Geschichte relativiert die heutige Flüchtlingskrise”
    Süddeutsche Zeitung

    Interview with historian Philipp Ther on his new book
    Die Außenseiter. Flucht, Flüchtlinge und Integration im modernen Europa. (Berlin: Suhrkamp, 2017)

  4. Deniz Göktürk says:

    “Was ist Heimat”
    Süddeutsche Zeitung
    Interesting series of articles

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