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Germany’s New Freedom Laws for Journalists


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Germany’s Record Debt In 2010

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was approved for the borrowing of 80.2 billion Euros ($109 billion) for 2010, making it the highest borrowing figure in record. The government blames this accumulating debt on the global downfall of the economy. However, there … Continue reading

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Banning of the Islamic Veil

This article addresses an increasingly sensitive subject about the repression of religious symbols, more specifically, of the Islamic head-to-toe veils. Many countries in Europe such as Germany, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands have called for various bans on the veil, … Continue reading

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Google Books versus Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek

Taking after Google Books, the German Digital Library (Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek) has sought to digitize books, magazines, photographs and films in an attempt to alleviate the presence of a private corporation heading the culmination and cultivation of culture.  Running behind … Continue reading

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