We would like to acknowledge the institutional support that we have received during the Project’s various stages. Warm thanks go to Mark Kaiser of the Berkeley Language Center for housing our archive and workspace, to Gerald Feldman, Beverly Crawford, and John Efron of the Institute of European Studies for research support; to the Committee on Research and the Dean of the Humanities at UC-Berkeley for financial assistance, and to the San Francisco Goethe-Institut, especially Ulrich Everding, for discussing the Project with us and for sponsoring workshops and conferences.Principal Research Assistant Tes Howell led a small group of graduate and undergraduate students during the project’s critical early years (2001-2003), which eventually grew to a formidable crew of translators, editors, archivists, web designers, and consultants, including: Sener Aktürk, Joseph Baumgarten, Cristelle Blackford, Christian Buss, Erin Cooper, Kristin Dickinson, Efthymia Stathis Drolapas, David Eaton, Jeffrey Ezell, Nicola Gladitz, David Gramling, Mettabel Law, Priscilla Layne, Hilary Menges, Gabrielle Owen, Lore Phillips, Sabrina Karim Rahman, Alexander Randolph, Rob Schechtman, Leilah Vevaina, Yasemin Dayioglu Yücel, and Jennifer L. Zahrt. Principal Research Assistants for the project have been David Gramling (2003-2008), Robin Ellis (2008-2009), and Annika Orich (2010-2011).

In 2009, Deniz Göktürk initiated an international cooperation with the Center of Excellence “Cultural Foundations of Integration” at the University of Konstanz in Germany and was invited to spend a year at the Institute for Advanced Study Konstanz. Funding from the Center of Excellence enabled the publication of an updated German edition of our sourcebook Transit Deutschland. Debatten zu Nation und Migration at Konstanz University Press in 2011. We are grateful to Alexander Schmitz for his continued support. Students from the M.A. Program Studies in European Culture at Konstanz University have visited the University of California, Berkeley. One of them, Patrizia Barbera, continues to work for the project in Konstanz under the mentorship of Özkan Ezli. Further exchanges in both directions, collaboration in research and documentation as well as joint workshops are in planning.

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