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Berkeley Student Research Report: Foreign Students in Germany

A research report by UC Berkeley undergraduate student and MGP participant Yiran Wang: As the unemployment rate in Germany has dropped, the number of unoccupied positions in the job market has increased. A recent report shows that nearly 500,000 jobs … Continue reading

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Immigrant Students and Foreign Students in Germany

In some urban part of Germany, the proportion of students with migration backgrounds is up to 90 percent. However, few of them will achieve college degree so that they are less confident compared with native German students. The project “Dialog … Continue reading

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Reuters: Germany Becoming More Open to Immigrants

Student News Report by Yiran Wang: According to the news agency Reuters, Germans are becoming more inclusive toward immigrants. In past decades, Germany was known for its strict immigration laws and unfriendly attitudes towards immigrants. Due to unemployment in the 1970s oil crisis, the … Continue reading

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Duden Adds English Words

Recently, the German dictionary Duden, equivalent of the Oxford English Dictionary in the UK, added 5,000 new words to its 26th edition including many English words or words of English origin, such as “flashmob”. The German Language Society resisted such changes … Continue reading

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