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Germany’s Favorite Fast Food – Kebab!

Full Article Here This article examined the Turkish-German industry of Kebab and fast food in Germany. The article mostly concentrated on the enormous profits that Turkish food and Kebabs offer the German economy.  Stating that the Kebab industry may be … Continue reading

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Turkey to join the EU?

Full Story Here The discussion of Turkey being included into the EU has generated varying viewpoints about the issue. Proponents of the idea contend that the inclusion of Turkey into the EU would help to restructure and stabilize the country. … Continue reading

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German rapper Bushido tones down vile rhetoric in image remake

Full Article Found Here Bushido is a Tunisian born immigrant with a German mother.  Many of his raps are grossly violent, sexual and explicit, and negatively direct threats to various ethnic group and homosexuals. One of his raps contains the … Continue reading

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German Home-Schoolers Granted Political Asylum in US

This article examines a fundamental difference between the educational culture of the United States and Germany. The Romeike family of Germany, who are Evangelical Christians, took their children out of mainstream school and attempted to homeschool their children. After hefty … Continue reading

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Islamist Violence in Europe – We Shouldn’t Exaggerate the Danger,1518,670050,00.html The recent attack on Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has left much of Europe in fear of continued Islamic attacks against various communities. The article interviews Islam scholar Peter Heine on his views of the continued perception of terrorist danger … Continue reading

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