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Multicultural Germany Course: Week 6 Summary (Oct. 5 & 7)

Migration brings both culture and religion. This week in our course we focused on religion and secularism, acknowledging the complexity of the terms in context of past and current migrations related to Germany. Our discussion found its beginnings in questions … Continue reading

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Film Reviews: “Alles auf Zucker!”

As part of their work in the Multicultural Germany undergraduate seminar at UC Berkeley, students in the course reviewed recent German films relating in various ways to topics of migration, multiculturalism, and contemporary German identity. Jennifer Lau, Jenelle Mathews, and Brittany Scott … Continue reading

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“Alles auf Zucker!” Film Review by Jennifer Lau

Nothing brings an estranged family together like the death of a loved one and the subsequent promise of an inheritance. In Dani Levy’s 2004 comedy, Go for Zucker (Alles auf Zucker), two brothers are forced to overcome their animosity and … Continue reading

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“Alles auf Zucker!” Film Review by Jenelle Mathews

The 2004 film, “Alles auf Zucker” is a German work that engages with social issues such as religion, family loyalty and identity through the use of comedy.  The film was directed by Dani Levy and is situated in modern Berlin. … Continue reading

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“Alles auf Zucker!” Film Review by Brittany Scott

Go for Zucker! is a comedy film directed by Dani Levy that was released in 2004.  The film portrays the story of a family divided by the Berlin Wall emotionally and physically. The division provides the basis for conflict between … Continue reading

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“Alles auf Zucker” Film Review by Katja Minitsenka

A movie by a Swiss Jewish director about German Jews, Go for Zucker deals with multiple problems in German post-reunification society. Among many conflicts, depicted in this movie, are the differences between the West and the East, now and then, … Continue reading

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Multicultural Germany Class: Week 6, Religion

This post is part of a series in which students reflect on their discussions in the UC Berkeley undergraduate seminar “Multicultural Germany.” This week’s summary is by Victoria Brinkerhoff: This week’s Multicultural Germany class readings and discussions delved into religious … Continue reading

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A Jewish Family in Germany Today: An Intimate Portrait

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Abrahams Heimkehr. Geschichten zu den jüdischen Feiertagen

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Imam Training at Universities

German University starts Seminars for Imams Spiegel Online Germany: Imam Training at Universities The New York Times Online

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CDU Turkish Minister Appointment ‘Flops’

Aygül Özkan, the first Muslim woman with Turkish origin appointment for state minister in Lower Saxony from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) , caused an uproar on Monday when she suggested that crucifixes should be banned in classrooms. Özkan is … Continue reading

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Designierte CDU-Ministerin gegen Kruzifixe an Schulen

One of the CDU’s ministers in Niedersachsen has ordered all crucifixes to be removed from public schools; just like the ban of headscarves, public schools are meant to be neutral and religiously unaffiliated.  However, she now faces increasing criticism from … Continue reading

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The Third Generation: German Jihad Colonies Sprout Up in Waziristan

The following article from the Spiegel discusses the third generation of Islamist terrorists since 9/11 and their relatively swift radicalization and departure for Jihad training grounds around the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The article focuses mainly on the story … Continue reading

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Jewish Group Praises Germany for its Prosecution of Nazis

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a self-described “human rights” group named after Holocaust survivor and author of the novel The Sunflower Simon Wiesenthal, has given Germany an “A” in its pursuit and prosecution of former World War II Nazis.  The U.S., … Continue reading

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Turkish – German writer criticized

This article talks about a Turkish-German writer who defends democracy, freedom, enlightenment, secular order and civil society. Necla Kelek’s new book  “casts a critical look at Islam and condemns the oppression and lack of freedom within Turkish communities and families … Continue reading

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Liberalität ist anstengend

In the April 3, 2010 issue of Der Spiegel there was an article interviewing Bundesverfassungsrichter Di Fabio about the increasing controversy about freedom of religion within Germany concerning the Muslim communities.  He claims that the modern concerns about religion, and … Continue reading

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Traveling exhibition in Berlin sheds new light on Islamic art

This summer Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau exhibition hall will be hosting his Royal Highness Aga Khan IV private collection of Islamic art. According to Luis Monreal, director of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, each piece was chosen “to present some of … Continue reading

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German Youths become Islamic Extremist Expats

According to Germany’s Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA), a colony of German Muslim extremist youths has taken hold of the Afghan-Pakistani border. These young people are recruited in Germany and then sever all ties with their homeland and head … Continue reading

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Islam Critic Necla Kelek: An Enthusiastic Defender of Freedom

The subject of this article is Necla Kelek, a controversial Turkish-German writer who grew up “in a completely Turkish world” under patriarchal authority, where she “experienced what it was not to be free.” Kelek is known for her criticism of … Continue reading

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Islam for the Diaspora revisited

In this Der Spiegel article religious scholar Rauf Ceylan discusses the role of the imam in Germany. He advocates for a “homegrown” imam who can modernize the religion and its practice in a new nation. As imams are currently imported … Continue reading

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