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International Right-Wingers Gather for EU-Wide Minaret Ban

An upcoming conference to be held in Germany this weekend seeks to discuss the possibility of an EU-wide minaret ban. The conference, hosted by the German right-wing group called Pro-NRW, will be attended by other conservative parties from throughout Europe … Continue reading

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new synagogue built in herford.

This Sunday, a new synagogue was opened in the German town of Herford, which had been without a synagogue since its last one was destroyed over 70 years ago during Kristallnacht.  There had been a pressing need in the community … Continue reading

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WWII Compensation: Ghetto Laborers Still Waiting for German Pensions

Germany passed a Ghetto Pension Law in 2002 that would give a small amount of money to Jews who held steady jobs in concentration camps, in order to “close a gap in the country’s Nazi-era compensation.”  However, over 90 percent … Continue reading

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German minister says headscarf ban could backfire

Thomas de Maiziere, Germany interior minister and member of the CDU, expressed to a newspaper his worry of a backlash against Christian symbols if Germany were to ban headscarves. Additionally, he said he would be fine if a woman were … Continue reading

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Leading conservative calls for more immigrant naturalisation

In this article it is suggested that a more successful integration can be achieved if Germany worked harder at naturalizing members of its large immigrant population. In this way a more inclusive environment could perhaps open up a discourse to … Continue reading

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Juden in Deutschland: Leben statt mahnen

Die jüdische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland wandelt sich dramatisch – durch Einwanderer aus Russland und durch eine junge Generation, für die der Holocaust und Israel weit weg sind.

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Did German Officers violate the terms of their service?

This article addresses the issue of Germany’s federal police officers not complying with the laws in Iran. These men allegedly had affairs with an Iranian woman. This is not only embarrassing for Germany, but life threatening for the woman, and … Continue reading

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Knobloch to step down as leader of Germany’s Jews

Charlotte Knobloch, the last leader of Germany’s Central Council of Jews to come from the generation of the Holocaust survivors, will not seek re-election in November in order to “consciously bring about a generational change.”  Her likely successor, Dieter Graumann, … Continue reading

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Far-Right Rhetoric Germany’s Very Own Minaret Debate Turns Nasty

This article speaks to the recent debate over the building of minarets on mosques in many countries within the European Union. It is another instance of contention over the perceived “Islamicization” of Europe through the increased visibility of Islam in … Continue reading

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Report Backs Teaching Of Islam at German Universities

This article discusses a German advisory council’s recommendation that centers for Islamic studies be set up at universities throughout the country. The Council also recommended that Muslim authorities be given the power to choose who teaches these courses. Despite Germany’s … Continue reading

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Banning the ‘Burqa’: France’s Quest to maintain its Secular Identity

The article “Banning the ‘Burqa’: France’s Quest to maintain its Secular Identity” deals with the ban of the full veil. According to the article, a parliamentary committee has recommended full veils in France. This happened a few months after President … Continue reading

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German Home-Schoolers Granted Political Asylum in US

This article examines a fundamental difference between the educational culture of the United States and Germany. The Romeike family of Germany, who are Evangelical Christians, took their children out of mainstream school and attempted to homeschool their children. After hefty … Continue reading

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Music Video “(Ich bin ein) Ausländer” by Alpa Gun

This music video “(Ich bin ein) Auslaender” by Alpa Gun, a German rapper with Turkish origin (www.wikipedia.org), depicts the integrations problem of immigrants, particularly the children and grandchildren of the Post-World War II generation. These people were often born in … Continue reading

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‘We Are Not Really Germans’ New Study Looks at Challenges Faced by Germany’s Muslims

This article speaks to the many difficulties Muslim immigrants living in Germany face with regard to finding work and participating in the public sphere. These issues not only effect new immigrants but also second and third generation children of foreign … Continue reading

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Deutsche Unis sollen Imame ausbilden

This article is about recent university developments in Germany. It states that universities are making moves to broaden their theology programs to include further study of Islam.  The response has been fairly positive and the Muslim, particularly the Turkish, communities … Continue reading

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Hagen Rether ausländerfeindliche Stimmung und Hetze

Comedian Hagen Rether uses his act to inform as well as criticize politicians and the media on the topic of immigrants and integration in German society. Videos of his acts can be found here

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Islamist Violence in Europe – We Shouldn’t Exaggerate the Danger

http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,670050,00.html The recent attack on Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has left much of Europe in fear of continued Islamic attacks against various communities. The article interviews Islam scholar Peter Heine on his views of the continued perception of terrorist danger … Continue reading

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Debate on Feminism and Islam

In a recent election in Switzerland, most citizens voted to ban the construction of minarets. Among those who voted for the ban were many Swiss feminists. Claudia Pinl asks whether it is fair to label the fears Western feminists have … Continue reading

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Studie zu “Ehrenmorden”

Ein Bericht über eine Studie zu “Ehrenmorden”, die viel Aufmerksamkeit in der deutschen Presse finden, aber nicht unbedingt als solche bezeichnet werden sollten. Die Zeit: Was den Mord zum Ehrenmord macht

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Abstimmung über Minarettbau in der Schweiz

Die Schweizer haben sich gegen Minarette entschieden: Spiegel Online: Schweizer stimmen gegen Minarettbau Swiss Minaret Ban Reflects Fear of Islam, Not Real Problems Europas Rechte bejubeln Minarett-Verbot Erste Proteste gegen Schweiz: Islamische Welt entsetzt über Minarett-Verbot Gegenbewegung: Tausende Schweizer demonstrieren … Continue reading

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