Knobloch to step down as leader of Germany’s Jews

Charlotte Knobloch, the last leader of Germany’s Central Council of Jews to come from the generation of the Holocaust survivors, will not seek re-election in November in order to “consciously bring about a generational change.”  Her likely successor, Dieter Graumann, hopes to shift public sentiment toward the positive aspects of Judaism.  The full article can be found here.

Being a forward thinker, this reader agrees with the shift in power of the German Central Council of Jews.  Those religious groups that have seen great oppression tend to dwell in the past, especially those among them that have personally survived the onslaughts.  Thus, I admire Knobloch’s step down from power, her willingness to bring about change regarding such an ancient religion.  Truly, when one is continually fighting against something (anti-Semitism) it is easy to forget what one is fighting for (following the laws passed down by God).

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