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Multicultural Germany Course: Summary of the First Two Weeks

To summarize the first two weeks of the seminar “Multicultural Germany” (fall 2015) it is best to start off with the participants: One third of the class is exchange students, mostly from Germany. Due to this the class can benefit … Continue reading

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Multicultural Germany Class: Week 3, After Reunification

This post is part of a series in which students reflect on their discussions in the UC Berkeley undergraduate seminar “Multicultural Germany.” This week’s summary is by Ying Ruan:  After the reunification of East and West Germany in 1990, a … Continue reading

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Spiegel Article on Everyday Racism in Germany, Prompted by Asylum Debates

In the curent issue of der Spiegel (Sept. 16, 2013), 15 people of foreign descent are interviewed about their daily experiences with racism in Germany. The full text of the article is available in English.  A partial preview with photographs is … Continue reading

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Follow-up on Cultural Memory in France and Bosnia

On April 24, the Moving Europe project continued with two presentations on cultural memory, both of which raised questions dealing with national identity and absences within representations of the past. 

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Autobiography by Ghanaian-born German Soccer Player Gerald Asamoah

Gerald Asamoah’s autobiography, Dieser Weg wird kein leichter sein tells of his childhood in Ghana, his move to Germany at age twelve, and his career as a professional soccer player, during which he encountered instances of intense racism.

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Cultural Memory in France and Bosnia

Wednesday, April 24, 1-3pm 201 Moses Hall, UC Berkeley Moving Europe continues with two presentations on cultural memory: Soraya Tlatli (University of California, Berkeley, French Department): “Fragmented Memories in Postcolonial France” Emina Musanovic (University of California, Berkeley, German Department): “Clean … Continue reading

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Ali au pays des mirages (Ali in Wonderland )

Arab life in Paris is seen from the perspective of this Algerian director (Ahmed Rachidi) as he explores issues relating to the French drive to deport Arab workers, and the workers views as to whether or not they would want … Continue reading

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Right Wing Attitudes in Germany

“Right Wing Attitudes on the Rise in Germany” Spiegel Online

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Eric Breininger’s Death: The Memoirs of a German Jihadist

This article discusses memoir of the German-born Jihadist Eric Breiniger, who was recently killed in Pakistan, and whose memoir was recently published on a Jihadist website. The well-written, although not a hundred percent confirmed, memoir of the terrorist tells of … Continue reading

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Neighbors in German Capital in Uproar over Iraqi Building

Berliners of the Dahlem district have already filed “not-in-my-backyard” legal complaints against an allegedly self-proclaimed new Iraqi embassy.  Many fear that creating the equivalent of a new embassy for such a politically sensitive country in the posh neighborhood of Dahlem … Continue reading

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Gedenken an Befreiung der Konzentrationslager

Memorials were held at Germany’s concentration camps in Brandenburg and Niedersachsen to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the liberation.  Spokespeople from the CDU and SPD were present to give speeches about how critical the National Socialist reign was in defining … Continue reading

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The Third Generation: German Jihad Colonies Sprout Up in Waziristan

The following article from the Spiegel discusses the third generation of Islamist terrorists since 9/11 and their relatively swift radicalization and departure for Jihad training grounds around the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The article focuses mainly on the story … Continue reading

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Brothers Keepers’ Song “Triple Rois”

The song “Triple Rois” (Drei Koenige/Three Kings) contains the voices of three distinct cultures speaking from three distinct vantage points, yet all sharing the same message. This song speaks mainly to the disenfranchisement and alienation felt by those who do … Continue reading

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German Youths become Islamic Extremist Expats

According to Germany’s Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA), a colony of German Muslim extremist youths has taken hold of the Afghan-Pakistani border. These young people are recruited in Germany and then sever all ties with their homeland and head … Continue reading

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International Right-Wingers Gather for EU-Wide Minaret Ban

An upcoming conference to be held in Germany this weekend seeks to discuss the possibility of an EU-wide minaret ban. The conference, hosted by the German right-wing group called Pro-NRW, will be attended by other conservative parties from throughout Europe … Continue reading

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