German Youths become Islamic Extremist Expats

According to Germany’s Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA), a colony of German Muslim extremist youths has taken hold of the Afghan-Pakistani border. These young people are recruited in Germany and then sever all ties with their homeland and head for a place where they believe that the “Koran stands above everything.”  These youths are both immigrants to Germany and not, and often undergo very quick transformations from dating students with hopeful futures to married couples who are willing to die in jihad.

This article underscores that the risk of extremism does not fall only within certain ethnic or national identifications. As in the recruitment to any cult or extremist group, certain people are more vulnerable. But these lines of vulnerability are drawn more  around circumstances of life and disposition than around any specific “racial” profile. The extremist Muslim recruiters surely know this, and have learned to spot those willing to trade everything for a clear meaning in life regardless of appearance or country of origin. It is a grotesque and perverse example to us all of seeing not stereotypical representations but looking instead at individual character and potential.

See the full article with photos here.

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