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Designierte CDU-Ministerin gegen Kruzifixe an Schulen

One of the CDU’s ministers in Niedersachsen has ordered all crucifixes to be removed from public schools; just like the ban of headscarves, public schools are meant to be neutral and religiously unaffiliated.  However, she now faces increasing criticism from … Continue reading

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Gedenken an Befreiung der Konzentrationslager

Memorials were held at Germany’s concentration camps in Brandenburg and Niedersachsen to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the liberation.  Spokespeople from the CDU and SPD were present to give speeches about how critical the National Socialist reign was in defining … Continue reading

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Liberalität ist anstengend

In the April 3, 2010 issue of Der Spiegel there was an article interviewing Bundesverfassungsrichter Di Fabio about the increasing controversy about freedom of religion within Germany concerning the Muslim communities.  He claims that the modern concerns about religion, and … Continue reading

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Merkel gegen türkische Gymnasien in Deutschland

Angela Merkel spoke out against the suggestion by Tayyip Erdogan to open solely Turkish high schools in Germany.  Not only German politicians were against his suggestions; the Türkischen Gemeinde in Deutschland also said that exclusive high schools were counterproductive towards … Continue reading

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Entschädigung: Im Zweifel gegen die Opfer

This article revolves around reparations paid to survivors of the Holocaust who had been forced to do labor during the second World War.  Now they can receive a pension for the labor rendered.  However, since the approval of this program … Continue reading

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This was an interesting article in the online addition of Der Spiegel where students sent fictitious resumes to German companies under a Turkish and a German alias.  The study proved that discrimination existed in the job market regardless of qualification, … Continue reading

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Kein Marsch durch Dresden

Every year in Dresden, on the anniversary of the Allied bombing of the city, there have been Neo-Nazi gathers held to attempt to show the injustice of culpability for the atrocities of World War II.  This year however, to speak … Continue reading

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Traurige Lieder – Söhne Mannheims

This song characterizes exactly how dramatic the racial tensions are within Germany.  Söhne Mannheims is a multiethnic band from Germany, made up of fourteen friends who have all been involved in the music scene and are actively involved in political … Continue reading

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Deutsche Unis sollen Imame ausbilden

This article is about recent university developments in Germany. It states that universities are making moves to broaden their theology programs to include further study of Islam.  The response has been fairly positive and the Muslim, particularly the Turkish, communities … Continue reading

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“Architektur des Mordes”

This is an article about the recent rediscovery of the architectural plans of Auschwitz that are now on display in Berlin.  The Israeli Premier commented that the reminder of the catastrophes of World War II are critical in preventing similar … Continue reading

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