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Book Review: “Transit”

UC Berkeley undergraduate Victoria Brinkerhoff reviewed Anna Seghers’ novel Transit: Transit describes the encounters and emotional turmoil of an anonymous twenty-seven-year-old German refugee in the early 1940s. The novel is written from the refugee’s perspective; in his narration, he documents his new … Continue reading

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Written between 1941-42 while in Exile. First published in English, Spanish, and French in 1944; German original first published in the Berliner Zeitung in 1947.  Newest English translation: Transit, translated by Margo Bettauer Dembo, New York: New York Review of Books, … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Cultural Memory: Aleida Assmann’s Berkeley Visit

Aleida Assmann’s recent visit to the University of California, Berkeley, October 28-29, 2013, brought local and academic communities together to participate in discussion on cultural memory and dealing with the past. Chair of English Literature and Literary Theory at the … Continue reading

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Entschädigung: Im Zweifel gegen die Opfer

This article revolves around reparations paid to survivors of the Holocaust who had been forced to do labor during the second World War.  Now they can receive a pension for the labor rendered.  However, since the approval of this program … Continue reading

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“Architektur des Mordes”

This is an article about the recent rediscovery of the architectural plans of Auschwitz that are now on display in Berlin.  The Israeli Premier commented that the reminder of the catastrophes of World War II are critical in preventing similar … Continue reading

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