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Germany faces youth employability crisis, says new report

This article discusses a recently released report in Germany, which details the employment issues facing German youth. In recent years there has been an increase in the amount of high school dropouts in Germany. Additionally many of those who graduate, are … Continue reading

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German Expatriate Forum

The German Way Forum provides a means of communication for expatriates. Many of these expatriates who have questions or other issues can simply post to the blog, and wait for others who are more knowledgeable to answer their queries. Whether … Continue reading

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German chancellor defends Afghanistan mission

This article discusses German Chancellor’s Angela Merkel’s insistence that Germany remain committed to fighting the war in Afghanistan. The recent deaths of seven German soldiers has increased pressure within Germany to withdraw from the region. Merkel said that pulling out … Continue reading

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Berlin appears divided over the presence of US nuclear warheads

This Article discusses the recent nuclear treaty signed by the United States and Russia. As the world moves towards a reduction of their nuclear arsenals, a debate has arisen in Germany as to when the remaining ten to twenty nuclear weapons … Continue reading

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Germany and Britain give strong backing to Iran sanctions

This article discusses German chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to support stronger sanctions against Iran regarding their nuclear program. Merkal along with British prime minster Gordon Brown met in England, and they both agreed that stronger sanctions against Iran were necessary … Continue reading

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Homeschooling: German Family Gets Political Asylum in U.S.

This article is an update on a previously posted topic and discuses a German family that was granted asylum in the United states. The family wanted to homecshool their children, which is illegal in Germany and had refused to send their … Continue reading

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German authorities arrest suspected Islamist fundraisers

German police arrested two men, and one woman for allegedly sending money to the Islamic Jihad Union. The Jihad Union is suspected of planning to carry out terrorist attacks on various German targets. One man, and the women were arrested … Continue reading

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Report Backs Teaching Of Islam at German Universities

This article discusses a German advisory council’s recommendation that centers for Islamic studies be set up at universities throughout the country. The Council also recommended that Muslim authorities be given the power to choose who teaches these courses. Despite Germany’s … Continue reading

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