Berlin appears divided over the presence of US nuclear warheads

This Article discusses the recent nuclear treaty signed by the United States and Russia. As the world moves towards a reduction of their nuclear arsenals, a debate has arisen in Germany as to when the remaining ten to twenty nuclear weapons in the country should be taken out. Some argue they should be removed immediately as they serve no purpose because allies now surround Germany, and detonating a bomb would spell suicide for the country. Others argue more research must be down before a highly impactful decision is made.
I believe the idea of nuclear disarmentment is a noble cause, but one that must be done extremely carefully. If all countries were to agree to get rid of the nuclear weapons I would be all for it. Unfortunately things are not that easy and this process will take an extremely long time to be carried out. With the specter of a nuclear Iran looming, it will be extremely difficult, and rightfully so, to convince countries to elimate their nuclear arsenals altogether. In my opinion the best step countries can now take, is a gradual reduction of the number of weapons they have. By holding negotiations countries are at least taking the first step in examining what can be done to decrease the number of nuclear weapons in the world.

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