Das Versprechen (The Promise)

With actors Corinna Harfouch and Meret Becker
available on VHS in the US

A love-affair under extreme conditions. In the autumn of 1961, a few weeks after the building of the Berlin Wall, a school group tries to escape from East Berlin to the West.

Quite by chance, Sophie and Konrad are separated; Sophie reaches the West, and Konrad is left behind in the Eastern half of the city. During the next 28 years, the two lovers live together, but alone, and under radically different living conditions. They only get to see each other again on four occasions. The film tells of Sophie and Konrad’s alienation, but also of how they defend their love against the force of circumstances. When the Wall is finally opened, the couple’s story could now really begin. Will their love be able to assert itself against the years of separation?

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