Produced by Käte Ehrmann; Sybille Hubatschek-Rahn
With actors Tamer Yigit, Idil Üner and Birol Ünel
available on VHS in Germany

Can (Tamer Yigit) is a small time drug dealer on the streets of Berlin Schöneberg. He suffers from his miserable everyday existence as much as he does from the reproaches made by Jale (Idil Üner), the mother of his 3 year old daughter. Hakan (Hussi Kutlacan), the little boss in the quarter, holds out to him the prospect of taking over the management of a bar. But again and again he puts Can off. Jale leaves him, and Hakan is shot to death before his eyes. Can has to bury his hopes and tries to make it doing legitimate work. But the job he takes up is so degrading to him that he is back on the streets once again. The story of Can moves forward towards its hopeless end with absolutely frightening resoluteness. No-one is merely the perpetrator, no-one merely the victim, but everyone here is part of a system of dependence and mistrust. It is not so much the social milieu that interests the director but rather “it is the description of a mental condition that is produced by this milieu”. Thus, Dealer becomes a philosophical reflection of a fatal situation between foreignness and integration.

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Genre(s): Drama, Melodrama; Gangster, Crime, and Detective;
Theme(s): Alcohol or Drugs;

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