Ein Engel schlägt zurück (An Angel fights Back)

With actors Jale Arikan and Tatjana Blacher

Charlotte runs a luggage porter service for the tourists on Helgoland: she transports the luggage of the new arrivals from the jetty to the bed and breakfast hotels. When she sees Ayse for the first time, she thinks she’s seen an angel. However, in fact she’s a former prostitute who’s now there on the deck of the ferry with her cases waiting to take up her inheritance. Horst Klein, a regular client, had departed this life in her plush workplace and bequeathed her all of his property on the condition that she only use it in its current location: Helgoland. This essentially consists of “Klein’s Bangers”, a snack bar at the harbor. After initially being sisters of misfortune, Charlotte and Ayse become friends. The fact that the two outsiders transform “Klein’s Bangers” into the “Orient Express” meets with as little enthusiasm from the other islanders as the rumours about Ayse’s past. The only ally they seem to have is Torsten, the landlord’s adolescent son

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